Picking out the perfect arrangement for your next occasion can sometimes be a challenge. With all the different textures, colors and more, the world of flowers to the occasional customer can be overwhelming. What can make it easier? Finding the right florist. Pure and simple. If you are ready to send flowers for someone’s retirement party, graduation, even a birthday bouquet, what kind of flowers SHOULD you send? How about selecting a nice floral centerpiece for a gathering at your home? Or just even an everyday bouquet to liven up your home? A good local florist can be your best friend. We, here at Flowers by the Neuse, are obviously going to be a little biased on who IS the best florist in Clayton, NC and surrounding areas, but we digress…

Best Florist in Clayton, NC

For many people, selecting a florist is based on comfort and ease of access. They may end up gravitating towards a certain florist simply because it is actually close to their residence or simply because their supermarket has a flower division. However, should you really want the best service and value, you might want to be a bit savvier when selecting your own florist.

Look around the flower shop

A sure sign that you have a good solid florist is by checking out how long they’ve actually been around and operating! While florists can’t usually “come and go” on a daily basis like some other professions, being a florist usually is going to require a storefront and that requires a little more stability. If that storefront has been there day in and day out serving the public for several years, then your florist will usually have established many key relationships. Relationships in the florist world mean a lot – the ability to send flowers anywhere, the opportunities to get the best flowers or even very unique flowers, and usually get the best prices that can be passed on to customers.

Search for a florist with quality merchandise and high-quality selection. The flowers needs to be fresh, the hues of the flowers must be rich as well as the plants need to look healthy. Do not go for florists whose flowers happen to be starting to display brown rims or wilting greenery. Look for merchandise selection range as well. Florists which have cut floral arrangements, unique flowers and also tropical plants are generally considered to be of finer quality than those that do not supply as many flowers.

A great florist is also someone highly imaginative. Owners Billy Shaw and Jimmy Hill and all the creatives at Flowers by the Neuse bring their own style and touches to anything that goes out of the shop. Looking around any florist shop, you really should be able to see some artistic touches. If it looks like a mundane, generic setup like you’d see in a big box store with rows of bud vases and simple things, look elsewhere. There’s more to turning out appealing, eye catching designs than slapping a handful of flowers in a cheap vase. A GOOD florist will showcase their creativity everywhere! You can also look for florists that sport a certification with the American Institute of Floral Design (AIFD), a famous organization that tests and also certifies florists with exceptional skill for design. We have our certifications here at Flowers by the Neuse!

Understanding what you REALLY want

Apart from creativity, a great florist will also be able to talk comfortably with you and point you to what you want – literally and figuratively. Experience and comfort with customers allows florists to better provide what is really desired. Some people, without saying a word, are telegraphing certain things and an experienced florist will pick up on those cues. They should able to respond to customer queries well after which provide the customer with the same appropriate care as well as attention that he do to his flowers.


Another essential part of any good florist operation is the service. While there are simple and easy places to just “get flowers”, going to florist ensures that customers will be rewarded with something more than a handful of flowers. A florist must also have an expert opinion prepared, just in case clients have a difficult time deciding exactly what he wants. Along with having high quality flowers, good florists will have a serious stock of all those creative items that will make your bouquet/arrangement a beauty to behold. Decorative vases, accessories and “garnishes” for your arrangement, special cards, balloons perhaps – and maybe even things like teddy bears. A good creative place will have many of these things ready to go for you! “When the only tool you have is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail.” When you have a whole florist’s toolbox available, the solutions – and floral designs – are endless!

We think we have ALL these things available for you at Flowers by the Neuse. Stop by today and see why our customers keep coming back day after day, year after year. And mention you saw this on our website at https://www.flowersbytheneuse.com/.