Our Work Ethic

To be a florist, the most important thing to do is to get experience from the ground up. It involves starting with scrubbing buckets, climbing ladders, reshaping the shop weekly, talking to customers in person and on the phone, learning pricing and mark up, sweeping and mopping, cleaning the van, and proper flower care from stripping 1200 roses for events, etc. We hear all the time, “Oh it must be so much fun to work here!” It is, but it is hard dirty work! The toughest part of being a florist is not to give away your business by whether it be bad pricing or not watching your bottom line. It’s not all about pretty flowers, it’s about a business that requires dedication to aesthetics and to the business end as well.

We at Flowers by the Neuse are committed to doing the dirty work as well as perfectly crafting flower arrangements in order to ensure that at the end of the day the customer walks away happy, satisfied, and impressed not only with their beautiful flowers but also with their overall experience.